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Out to Space Year Three: the Exposures

April 2006March 2007

Self-portrait under Sydney Harbour Bridge, August 2006
Self-portrait under Sydney Harbour Bridge, August 2006

There were a lot going on in the year three of Out to Space. Even though, the momentum of year two was slow, toward the end of the year, my photography started to get some significant exposures.

The first three months from April to June, I still was into cityscape and urban wildlife. They seemed slightly repetitive for me. So I took a photography course at Australian Centre of Photography (ACP) to stretch my skills and perspective. Some professional and constructive criticism could do some good. My most satisfied comment was from a classmate that compared my self-portrait to Jeffrey Smart.

During that time, the restaurant I was working at was closed for renovation. I took the chance to give a go fully on my photography venture. I set up a couple of stock photo account as passive income. I travelled to Melbourne to explore another city with the photographic eyes.

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Out to Space Year Two: the Foundation

April 2005March 2006

Blossoming Parsley
A commune of invertebrates on a bunch of parsley flowers in the backyard, October 2005

The first year of Out to Space was the discovery. I now knew what I could do. The following year started to take shape and build the foundation.

I got to know different sides of the city. The subjects of photography became more focused on urban abstract and urban wildlife. Whereas old photos from the old camera and still life shots of flowers were fading away, Sydney streets still were the main background. But also, my own backyard, where diverse birds and invertebrates dwelled, fascinated me.

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Out to Space Year One: the Discovery

April 2004March 2005

Sunrising somewhere in Sydney
Sunrising somewhere in Sydney, 2003

10 April 2004, in a suburb called Enmore, New South Wales, Australia, the very first photo was published on Out to Space. It was the beginning of the twelve-long year of my own space I share with the world.

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Sleep Pattern

Sleep Pattern from ApostrophePong on Vimeo.

We spend almost half of our lifetime on bed and we are not really conscious of it. I have been photographing abandoned mattresses on the streets for quite sometime. The stains, burn, gash and mold that are left on those mattresses exhibit the subliminal imprints of our dreams and memories.

This work was produced as a project for Sound Construction class and video installation assessment in Video Art class for Master of Digital Media at College of Fine Arts, Sydney.