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Farewell Pancakes

It has been about three and a half year since I start to run around at Pancakes on the Rocks. Now it’s time to move on. Although my new path is not so clear as a Media Artist, I have to feel positive on the future. Master of Digital Media (MDM) at College of Fine Arts (COFA), University of New South Wales is on the plate in the coming month. I am looking forward to it as I will try to blog and tweet about the course in order to share these practices to the world.

Where: Sumalee Thai, Bank Hotel, 324 King St, Newtown

When: Tuesday 29 July, around 7.30 pm

I am going to get smashed and try not worry about the next source of income. You are all welcomed to the party if you are around, either just for drinks or dinner or both. Sumalee Thai has the best reputation on their Thai cuisine and Bank Hotel is a funky pub at the same place in the centre of Newtown. Come along, this should be really fun.

Eurovision at the Pub

On Screen

Eurovision at the Pub is the party at our regular pub in Newtown, Kelly’s On King. Eurovision Song Contest has a big presence in Australia because of its gayness and colourfulness. On top of that, it becomes Sunday night social event and an excuse to party while watching it on SBS. Think about a sport on TV but with songs and flocks instead of grunt and sweat. Beer and nibbles are still involved.

There have been many speculations that Australia should be able to send an entry. That would give another way to be cynical about ourselves as we do about the contestants. Most of all, it would change the whole broadcasting structure in Australia because it is restricted only to Euro Broadcasting Union, too much of an effort with the politics in the local broadcasting industry. We just see what the Europeans have to offer. That is absolutely entertaining enough.

Julia Zemiro


Rolling the Show

Camera Movement

Watching the Show

Three Geeks

Matthew Booth

Mardi Gras Party 2008

The official Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras has to wrap up with the party. This is a big dose for an excessive life of the modern world.

This is it, another year of Mardi Gras. This year it celebrates the 30th anniversary. On the second time, I am involved as a photographer, it intrigues my thoughts in many ways. I will sum up what I have experienced at the festival later.

Mardi Gras Harbour Party

A rainbow flag of a boat flying with Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House in the background.

Another major event of Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras Festival and the last key party before the final Mardi Gras Dance Party rolls in, Mardi Gras Harbour Party, Sol Y Luna.

The simple concept is just having fun while watching the sunset in Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens with Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House in the background. Moreover, it is special this year when two cruise liners, Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth 2, rendezvous. And this is the last time that QE2 cruises in the Harbour before her retirement.

What Is Really True Blue?

I am not surprising myself that for six year living in Sydney Australia Day has never been anything but another public holiday. However, since my Australian citizenship application has been approved late last year and I will take an oath to be become an Aussie sooner or later, I decide to explore the celebration of the country’s national day which I trouble with.

Top of Australia Day
Two young girls watching a concert at the Rocks on Australia Day celebration.

National day is normally set on the birth of the modern nation: a revolution or  an independence from the colony. In Thailand, it was designated on 10 December when the first official Thai constitution was, in theory, handed to the people but later on it was moved to the King’s Birthday. In general, it is a significant event in the history that reminds the people and draws them together to value the pride of the nation.

On the other hand, Australia Day is on 26 January, the day British first fleet of convicts arrived. What is to be proud of? It neglects the fact that there were indigenous tribes living here thousands years ago and the settlement has never been reconciled with them. I have not seen any message of this history in any publicity piece of the day at all. It seems to be suppressed everywhere. Therefore the core content of the day is very shallow. What to feed the punter are just public live show, fireworks and getting drunk, not any difference from New Year Eve, Melbourne Cup or even Mardi Gras.

Pride and Beer

Dancing on the Street

Sticker Tattoo

Classact Bodypaint

Watching the Concert

Rhythm of the Day

Scratch the Rhythm


The World Going by

Eventual Rubbish

Maybe I am just being too serious. Stilgherrian has a much better way to celebrate the day.