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Chiang Mai Night Train

On the move.
On the move.

I spent a night in Chiang Mai. And the plan was to take a night train back to Bangkok. I did that half way up from Phitsanulok to Chiang Mai. But this would be a different experience.

An hour before the departure gave me a chance to explore a bit about the train. And then there are a camera news crew getting off one of the cars. Apparently, the day was the launch of Lady’s car initiative—the car reserved only for women and children.

It was a ripple of an infamous case of raped and murdered child on the train. Not only the car, another measure was alcohol prohibition on the train. So, the last night of the trip would be the first night of the trip I got sober. Well, that could be a really good thing.

An old food runner also complained that the new no-alco rule dragged his sales down. I felt like an obligation to order dinner from him even though I’d like to move my ass to the food car. My seat was transformed in to a diner table.

Later when I finished dinner, the sun set on mountain. And the seat, once again, was turn into a bed. The phone signal was cut off in the mountain from time to time such as from Khun Tan to Mae Tan.

Outside was pitch dark but they kept the light in the train on all night long. I couldn’t sleep that early with the lights on and being sober. What could I do? I had pull the laptop and start to reflect on the trip with it until I could be able to close my eyes.

First Stilgherrian Live on the Street

There you go I’m pimping it. Stilgherrian Live is somewhat a strange show. Last night show was a milestone as Stil decided to live from Clock Hotel, Crown Street, Surry Hills but we learnt that there was not enough light. We ended up webcasting on the street while walking up to Brighton Bar, Oxford Street, Darlinghurst. So it was fun the go along with the flow and take some shots of him while doing the program.

To be honest, these shots are the first decent photography in months that I am quite happy with.

Apple Invasion

York Street

It is such an insanely over-hyped evening when Sydney Apple Store opens on 19 June. The queue starts to build-up before the public entry at 5 pm. And it gets better with the late-night-shopping ritual on Thursday. The rain does not shorten the line of Mac geeks and enthusiasts waiting eagerly to get in on the first day of the store. by 6 pm it extends around the block from George Street to King Street and ends on York Street.

The crowd is herded by a private security company and closely watched by NSW Police. People on the street are occasionally told off to ‘move’ by some rude sheepdogs as if they owned the footpath whereas the patient queuers get Apple umbrellas for standing wet in the line, and finally, the welcoming cheers at the door by the store staff.

The live update on twitter has already put me off but I just determined to get there for some shots of the queue. However, I do not have that patience to join the line, in the rain with cranky bouncers, just for window shopping. It is the opening, for heaven’s sake, not the closing. The store will be there, and by the look, for a long time.