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I got hooked right away by this marvellous flash music video with great music from Radiohead. It is the first animation published on MediaStorm which was stumbled on.

A creative man, full of promise, living a boring life – this is the picture animated by Laith Bahrani, who set his autobiographical tale to Radiohead’s Creep. This music video is full of angst for a soul stuck where it doesn’t belong. See the project at http://mediastorm.com/publication/low-morale-creep

Response to the lovely The Cult of Accountancy. Hail, salariman!


Still feeling lonesome in this Songkran Festival, old gang of mine having a party out of Bangkok, green. Looking at Rage play list celebrating its 20th birthday involves 1992-1996 period. Many clips I have not seen for yonks and many for the first time here because back then music channel in Thailand was different from Rage. Tonight this Aussie music programs has blown me away with their choices of the time and my mixed feeling of nostalgia.