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Step – Stylish Nonsense

One of the most exciting finds during Thailand visit was the independent music scene. As I went to FAT Festival with the curiosity, the concert blew me away with its energy so the hunt for the Thai Indies began. The sources I could think of are only DJ Siam in Siam Square and Nong Taprachan, by Thammasat University. The first batch of three from DJ Siam is:

Step by Stylish Nonsense is one of my favourite tracks. It is about a boy politely excusing himself to a girl whom steps on his foot. Very Thai.And the more I dig out the connection within the scene, the more it fascinates me. Well done guys.

FAT Festival

Fat Festival

I have no idea what FAT Festival is until my friend mentions and asks me if I want to go. It turns out to be one of the coolest things I find in Thai youth culture. I’d rather hang around in there than see free Limkin Park concert which is on right next to the festival in the same convention complex but cameras with zoom lenses are not allowed. The event is organised by a Bangkok radio station, fm 104.5 Fat Radio, to promote independent artists in music, film etc. It is joyful to see they have the outlet to show off their creativities. Bangkok is branding itself as a new creative hub. I strongly believe it cannot be done without these promising young professionals.


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Another Day in Sydney

Pose Cloak

Earthdance Evening

It is getting dark at Earthdance and the event will be wrapped up soon. Everyone is making to most of it.

Earthdance Evening

Song Breeze


The Stare Direction

Hans Wurst

Henna Stall


The Look

Kiln SongHands

It has been an intense week for me. I was pushing myself by going to Earthdane festival and having a massive batch of the event photographs while having two major personal commitments coming up: the interview for Australian citizenship on Friday and IELTS test on the next day. However, I’m glad I can relax at some point, for now.