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Great Wall of Sydney

A circus is coming to town.

The leaders of Asia-Pacific nations are in Sydney for APEC Australia 2007 and city landscape has been changed. For the sake of security, this major event has transformed north end of the CBD into fortress. 2.8 metre-high and concrete wall and concrete wall are erected. Public transport is blocked. Sydneysiders are advised to get out of the city to avoid the chaos. Protests are discouraged by the authorities. Businesses depended on tourism plummet. The Police is given more power in the restricted area. The level of paranoia is rising. This is just the beginning.

Great Wall of Sydney


Witch Hats

Empty Shelters

Truck Load

Into the Zone

Along the Wall


Mobile Cells

Lost in the Jungle

Lost in Jungle

A hero flies above a vast field landscape, following a calling muse. Suddenly, skyscrapers implode from the ground. The muse is trapped in a metal cage and disappears. He finds himeself in a concrete maze. He MUST find the girl.

It is actually the Dream Sequence in one my all-time favourite movie, Terry Gilliam’s Brazil. The real scene is AMP Centre Tower and Governor Philllip Tower covered with fog in one Sydney misty morning. I find this image relates to that scence in the movie.