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The Feeding Lesson

I'm hungry...
C'mon feed me!
Oi! Where are you going?!
More, more, more!

Pftt! I can do it myself (at least, I'm trying)

The juvenile currawong’s wings (Strepera graculina) are not well developed for a real flight but enough to come down to our balcony for some food under the supervision of its parent. It still demands to be fed directly but gives a try and pick the food up itself even though its bill is not strong enough to hold it. Practice is the key.

Bright Eyes

Pied Currawong

Every week when the cleaners come in and put cat bowls outside in the balcony, we have visitors hop in to fetch some food from the bowls. They are pied currawongs (Strepera graculina). Although currawong are similar and related to Australian magpie, they have different personalities. Currawongs seem to be more cautious of human and never let us within three metres radius. Whereas we could be able to get closer to Australian magpies without a fuzz. However, when we leave some cat food for them on the rail to make a rapport, they come in regularly to get some take-away feed for the youngsters.

Artemis and Apollo are frustrated since they would never catch the birds even though they are just few metres away.