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Undone Sun

I will not be photographing Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras this year. The works from the previous year will be exhibited as slideshows in until new ones roll in. And there will be an exclusive show that is not included in Mardi Gras event calendar in World Square. More details to come.

The hi-light of my Mardi Gras work would be the Harbour Party. Once I press the button and got this series of light and shadow on the dance floor, I knew that it would be a good slideshow. By the time I got my head around to put them together would be too late. So I held this work until now.

Undone Sun from ApostrophePong on Vimeo.

You can also check out the work from Mardi Gras Fair Day, 69 Blankets.

No Clean Feed

Anonymous Protesters

Australia is facing a major censorship threat from it own Federal Government when Senator Conroy proposes ISP-level Internet filtering to protect the children, as they say. However, no one knows how this scheme will effectively work or how it will accidentally block other websites. Even the Senator could not provide a clear answer himself. Although this is a fundamental issue in a developed country, like Australia, that we are taking for granted, media coverage to remind us of this problem is still very poor. In Sydney, as well as the other Australian capital cities, Internet-based communities are fighting for a basic rights to express themselves. We still need ripple effects to spread the words about this sneaky policy and stop the Government snatching away one of the most important rights in our society, communication.


Thai Food Festival 2008

Thai Food Festival 2008

While Thailand is celebrating Loy Krathong Festival around November each year, Thai community in Sydney has an unrelated event, Thai Food Festival, in Tumbalong Park, Darling Harbour. This year features Thai Prawn Showcase to promote the export.

One trick I learn is to stay around until the party is over. The stalls are willing to lower the food price rather than pack the food back even though there is not much left to scoop.


Newtown Festival 2008

I must say that Newtown Festival on the surface is the same event as every year or other events that has been rolled out in Spring-Summer. But it is in a big scale with estimated 80,000 punters. I look for something fresh to photograph just to discover that the trash interests me the most. While we are enjoying a good time, do we consider what we leave behind before moving on the next stop of decadence? Bubble is a symbol of joy and dream but it does not really last.


Apple Invasion

York Street

It is such an insanely over hyped evening when Sydney Apple Store opens on 19 June. The queue starts to
build up before the public entry at 5 pm. And it gets better with the late-night-shopping ritual on Thursday. The rain does not shorten the line of Mac geeks and enthusiasts waiting eagerly to get in on the first day of the store. by 6pm it extends around the block from George Street to King Street and ends on York Street.


The crowd is herded by private security company and closely watched by NSW Police. People on the street are occasionally told off to ‘move’ by the some rude sheep dogs as if they owned the footpath whereas the patient queuers get Apple umbrellas for standing wet in the line, and finally, the welcoming cheers at the door by the store staff.

The live update on twitter has already put me off but I just determine to get there for some shots of the queue. However, I do not have that patience to join the line, in the rain with cranky bouncers, just for window shopping. It is the opening, for heaven’s sake, not the closing. The store will be there, and by the look, for a long time.