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Vanishing Marshland

Change is inevitable and it comes at a cost.

Before the Fill

First morning light in Thailand trip revealed an empty marshland in the back of my brother’s house where I stayed for a few weeks. This property was left unoccupied quite sometime ago. I was really glad that there were many green areas remained untouched in Bangkok.

Over the Domain

Marshland Home

It created a nature micro ecology as an oasis in Bangkok’s urban desert. Bird’s habitats were protected by willows and plants grew organically as well as frogs and snakes in the marshland.


Filling the Land

Then the land owner decided to develop the property and profit from this investment. The marshland has to go and give way to another housing estate. An excavator squashed the unwanted weeds down to the ground and concrete rubble from other demolition was used for filling the marshland.

Local Gatherers

Scraps Hunters

Full Bag

A new ecology was generated from this transforming landscape. It welcomed people into once an abandoned field. Local members seized the opportunity to collect scrap metal to sell it.

Marshland Exposure

Somewhere to Hide

The flattening made it easier for a predator to look for food on the ground since the hide was destroyed whereas some found that its dwelling had gone in a flash. However, sooner or later, there would not be any food or home left for the wildlife benefited from this vanishing green.

It was a heart-broken to witness this change. It was happening in front of my eyes and I am sure it is everywhere.


Leaf-curler spiders __(Phonognatha graeffei)__ are usually shy and always hidden in retreats. This female one is snapping out from her “Retreat”:http://www.outtospace.com/archives/000920.php for a snack.
The unfortunate beetle struggles for a while. The spider senses the vibration. It does not take long to assess the tiny victim. She carefully approaches the bug, poisons it and quickly returns to the “Retreat”:http://www.outtospace.com/archives/000920.php
It is amazing to see the action. I can’t wait to see “Life in the Undergrowth”:http://www.bbc.co.uk/sn/tvradio/programmes/lifeintheundergrowth/prog_summary.shtml this Sunday.

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Summer nearly ends in Sydney. Leaves are starting to fall. Apparently, it is the time for leaf-curler spiders __(Phonognatha graeffei)__ to show up too. As the name gives it away, they curl up a dead leaf and stick each ends together with their silk as retreat. This would be the mating season. The male is on top and the female looks comfy in her leafy home.
Although its web is not as strong as [“garden orb-weaver spiders’ __(Eriophora transmarina)__”:http://www.outtospace.com/archives/000546.php], it is constructed in three dimensions to support the structure.
This moment she senses vibration and spots a prey. Ready to “Attack”:http://www.outtospace.com/archives/000921.php.

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Afternoon Snack

Weed vines grow wildly in the back balcony. Mantis nymph catches an aphid as prey beneath a leaf. It was exciting to see the action although I did not have the camera with me at the moment. The translucent body, that shows the inside moving up and down while eating its victim, is amazing.

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