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Out to Space Year Eight-Eleven: the Void

April 2011 – March 2015

Instagram selfie
Instagram selfie with a rainy view at Thailand Creative and Design Center, August 2014

The previous year of Out to Space was pretty much hollow in its content, I found. But there was at least something in it. The following four years when I lived in Bangkok, the blog was almost void.

There were 141 blog posts from year eight to eleven (April 2011 – March 2015) including automated tweet posts. Whereas year four, when it was most active, there were 176 posts. To break them down:

Year Eight (2011 – 2012)

73 posts in that 53 was automated from weekly tweets. There was one series on Luang Phrabang travel in January 2012.

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A Nightmare Comes True

My worst fear has come true. Last night after the presentation, I felt tired for either hay fever or a cold. I caught the train and changed at Central Station while listening to iPod to relax. It was probable too relaxing and I was blurred. Next thing I knew I got off the train without the harddrive I was bringing back home every Thursday for the weekly back up.

First thing I ringed info line but it was out of business hour. With help of a friend on twitter who works for CityRail, I could locate where the train looped and got the numbers of the stations but it was too late in the night. No one heard anything. The best thing I could do was to call the info line in the morning.

What has been lost?

Basically, everything I have been working on this project in the week and some projects:

  • Visual edit of fine cut 05. I still have low-res of Fine cut o6 in my thumb drive to as a reference.
  • Sound design. Luckily, I work the audio on studios harddrive and it could still be there in CG15.
  • Colour grading work. I will have to re-adjust it when CG13 is ready again.
  • After Effect composite in Lounge scene. This could be redone easily and I like to tweak it a bit anyway.
  • Last semesters work. Joy still have that folder.
  • The video art project I initiated during the break. Its the only one that I dont have any back up anywhere but I have the DV tape and can start again. (If I feel inspired)

Retrieval Plan

Obviously, it cant be waited for a mishap to dissolve itself. The goal is to catch up progress of the week work last in the weekend so that I can go on with the project next week. The actions are:

  1. Get a new harddrive. It has to be FireWire since I work Final Cut Pro from the hard drive. La Cie rugged or Western Digital Passport II are my choices.
  2. Retrieve Pro Tool files from CG15. The room is booked for 30 minute for that.
  3. Retrieve the latest version of fine cut I have from my back up.
  4. Spend most of the time trying to match the work-in-progress: fine cut, composite and rough colour grading.

Lesson learned

What I have really lost is the plan to do other things today: research on other project, assignment and stress. There should be more sufficient back up plan for it. Not only for this project but for my entire archives. Weekly back up may not be enough when a disaster strikes. Everyone, please take me as an example.

25 September 2009

Big Questions, Slow Start

Last week I was occupied by a master class, Live Streaming Multi-Course course at Metro Screen. It was full time 5 days course and we finished it with a live production streaming on the Internet via Viostream. It turned out that the program we did was the one I pitched with some segments from others pitching. Although it realised my vision to have a decent live webcast with chat stream go together, my short film, Memory of You | Reflection of Me, was slowed down a notch. Things to do:

  • Script revision When I think about it, the bathroom is the only scene that is in Bettys perspective whereas the rest is in Daniels eyes. This scene is important to portray her mental state and leads to the decision to hurt herself before Daniel knocks the door and save her. I have Rigur Ros music and Diving Bell and the Butterfly to inspire me to come up with the final script revision.
  • Storyboard I could go ahead with it but the main scene is about to change.
  • Crew Some are locked in but I still need to find Assistant Director, Sound Recordist and a Boom Operator
  • Location I will be inspecting the location I have in mind soon. The house has what I vision it but I am not sure there would be enough room for the production.

However, there were some good progress on this major project. The cast has been selected and confirmed with them. There will be the cast meeting this coming Friday to discuss the script and production. I am looking forward to it.

4 August 2009