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Mobility of Faith


I still have got some materials from Thailand trip months ago. Whenever we got a taxi in Bangkok except on the drunken night, I took a chance to get a collection of taxi drivers’ worship: Buddha images, famous abbots, amulets of luck with or without a garland. These auspicious decorations are believed to prevent road accidents and bring more customers.

Please note that the second image is not a taxi but it just fits the theme perfectly.

Residencies of Gods

Grand Parents, the Housekeepers

There are always rooms for gods no matter how crowded Bangkok is. Habitats of gods and spirits can be anywhere in any forms: elaborate shrines, old spirits houses, or even temporary set ups. They show how people spiritually relate to the lands and the offerings reflect the strong bonds between the both worlds, convenient ways to comfort their souls.

The Trinity at Central World Plaza
Still Dancers of Brahma
Spirit House Junction
Breakfast for the Souls
Fumy Spirit
Mother of Earth
The Shrine of Lion God
Plastic Devotion
Remain of the Belief
Broken Offers
Tree House Spirit
Sneaking through the Spirit