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Patpong for the King

Mirror Broadcast

It is another special event. I actually plan to spend last night in Thailand on 80th HM King Bhumibol Adulyadej‘s Birthday to see the celebration. The sea of yellow t-shirts on the streets peaks today. That shows his power to unite Thai people. Even bar girls in Soi Patpong are covering their uniforms which rarely hide anything and come out in the front and wait for the commemoration from the telecast. Stall holders are happy to hand over their spare candles to anyone who does not have one and tourists and shoppers are more than welcomed to join the Patpong community to pay homage to the beloved king this evening.

When the auspicious time comes, 8:19pm, the nation stops and the whole country sing the royal anthem and two more praise-the-king songs in candle light together. The rest of the candles are put up the footpaths or anywhere that can brighten up the streets. After that, Patpong is back to its business.

Coming out

In Their Heart

Holding on

Middle Girl


Bags of Unity

King Castle

Sing for the King




ทรงพระเจริญ Long live the King!

Moonlight with DH

I have been on and off David Alan Harvey blog since he started early this year. The community has a huge growth with responses from photographers around the world.

Moonlight with DH

It is the perfect timing when he and James Nacthway are in the Bangkok for the Bangkok Photography Workshop during my Thailand visit. Although, I am not in the workshop, he invites me to their slideshow presentations at the rooftop of Dream Hotel, a new Bangkok funky hotel. I just have to be there even though I have got a cold for a couple of days.

Should I overstate that it is like meeting a master? I learn a lot just watching the slideshows. David and James have completely different main subjects. David always talks about everyday life and harmony whereas James focuses on conflicts of war, well, death. Nevertheless, both of them take us to the extraordinary realms of reality and make us realise how rich and complex our world is.

I do not get a chance to talk to James and a little time with David because of my dizzy head. However, that is enough for inspiration.

FAT Festival

Fat Festival

I have no idea what FAT Festival is until my friend mentions and asks me if I want to go. It turns out to be one of the coolest things I find in Thai youth culture. I’d rather hang around in there than see free Limkin Park concert which is on right next to the festival in the same convention complex but cameras with zoom lenses are not allowed. The event is organised by a Bangkok radio station, fm 104.5 Fat Radio, to promote independent artists in music, film etc. It is joyful to see they have the outlet to show off their creativities. Bangkok is branding itself as a new creative hub. I strongly believe it cannot be done without these promising young professionals.


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