The Temple of Dawn at Dusk


Once upon the time, “globalisation” was a buzz word and tourism was starting to kick in in Thailand. I was studying in Thammsat university and regularly went to the local pub with this view. How stunting was that! Decades went by, a good old scenery hasn’t changed, has it?

Well, it has. This three images are pretty much like the same as I remember then. But the experience around it is definitely different for someone who spent most night out for cheap drinks twenty years ago.

I spare the details such as the snooker tables in the pub then or the nice park next by now.

The photos were original posted on Instagram

Revisiting my local riverside local pub

Putting up with tourists hovering my table

Another beer for this view

Hanging Arts and Real Estate


One Year Later

How fortunate it was that I took a picture of the same spot and posted it here about a year ago. Things go up, things come down. And things go by without you noticing it if you don’t stop for a while and look at it.

Ok, the place is now an open-air beer garden, which I am writing this blog right now. And it is intriguing with the mixture (or the crash)  of cultures. I’ll go into the detail what is inside later.

I have always been into urban landscape and paid attention to urban decay. But this time, living back in Bangkok, the refreshing thing is about urban development.

It is definitely not about how the estate development itself but how it connects people. This is why it is something to be explored.

Let’s have a look at the photos side by side, for now.



Where have I been?

The City and I Oh it’s been a long time since the last post. And before that it was just once in a while. So where have I been?

Not that I’ve got nothing to blog about. On contrary, Bangkok is such a city that you can always discover something interesting in such a wide spectrum. And I’m gonna burst not telling these stories.

But three years living back in the city, where I was born, there are things to keeps me occupied as excuses to almost abandoned the platform.

Work excuse

Yeap. The day job that pays the bill also drains the energy. My leisure times—weekends—become leisure times not the time I think about creating things.

Also, working an international development organisation has put another layers into the excuse. I was thinking too much if it was appropriate. Well, now, I think I have to play strategic work-life balance.

Health excuse

I’ve got hypertension. As a man who has just entered the 40s, this is quite early for this chronic health issue. There was a sign of that when I was in Sydney.

That turned my lifestyle around. My third place has changed from the Net in a pub, tweeting and blogging to the gym. I spend one or two hours most days of the week there and be aware of what I take in.

The result, I shed ten kilos of weight. My BMI dropped from slightly overweighed to a healthy scale. My wardrobe was changed almost completely.

But I lost the engagement with blogging. I could have written about this transformation. But I don’t want to turn this space into what I brag about how I work out and eat. It’s lifestyle and a routine, not the passion.

Other excuses

When I left Sydney, one thing I lost the most was the sense of security. So I compensated it by buying a place for my own. That chuck of effort went there.

But it is worth it unexpectedly. It is just like stepping on a gold mine, where this neighbourhood becomes the most diverse I’ve experienced since I’ve been back in the city.

This lucky strike brings me the urge for me to tell the story about it. Big time.

Bottom line is, the challenge for me is to combine all of this thing and making this commitment work. Oh is this a commitment now? Yes, it is. Otherwise I’ll be forgetful and it all will be forgotten.

Hanging Pants and Real Estate




Bangkok is growing rapidly like a classic tale of urbanization. In the city, new residential apartment, office buildings and shopping malls are expanding and replacing small commercial estates along the street, like these ones in my ‘hood. The building in the background is a new luxury apartment whereas small shops in the foreground are half abandoned. Just the matter of time they will be demolished. Inside the loose fence is a cleared area waiting to be developed. The fence doesn’t protect anyone to get in or, putting a real estate ads or hanging a pair of pants.