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COFA Prize 09

COFA Annual 09 Winners

I have just seen the photo of COFA Annual 09 Awards night when I google my name. This is a good chance to congratulate others of The School of Media Arts who also won prize from the year of their hard work.

Autodesk Storm FX Award for Best 3D CGI Animation
John Turello

Autodesk Storm FX Award for Best 3D CGI Modelling
George Varettas and
Cosmin Hrincu

Adobe Award for Best Overall Production
Anthony Russell

Wacom Award for Best Motion Graphics
Toby Pedersen

Wacom People’s Choice Award
Peter Short

Computers Now Award for Best Video
Trinn (‘Pong) Suwannapha

Digital Media World Magazine Honorary Mention Prize
1. Luke Jefferz
2. Tachadol Buppapirak
3. Tom Phillipson
4. Peter Short
5. Beverley Wong
6. Paolo Sta.Barbara

Vital Peripheral Supplies Award for Best Illustrative Work
Amelia Turbiarz

There is the full winner list on COFA blog.

And I have to say the best thing of the night was free bubbly.

The Mardi Gras: the Slide Show Award Night


What a night! I was puzzled when this image won a prize for The Best Use of the Medium of Mardi Gras: the Slide Show, judged by the Photo Critic of Sydney Morning Herald, Robert McFarlane.

The aim of the project is to capture Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras festival events with the photographers’ styles and and creativities. The results of the project are astounding with artistic approach from both group of final year photomedia students from Sydney College of the Arts and Sydney Photobloggers group where I belong to. Other categories go to:

  • Nudzejma Avdic for the Best Used of the Medium (joint winner)
  • Billy Law for the Most Collectible, judged by Dr Dick Quan, an art collector.
  • Orion Mitchell for the Most Publishable, judged by Rex Turnbull, Lino Magazine’s Creative Director
  • Vitek Skoneiczny for the Most Marketable, judged by Damien and Ann, the Marketing Manager and President of
    Mardi Gras.

Winning the great prizes is valued but the real prize I got is to be exposed to Dr Dick Quan, Sydney’s ten most influential art people, on the night. His comments on my works make me think of my relationship to the world which I am struggling to find. The word Outsider comes out a lot lately.

This is very first photographic prize I ever receive. I am flattered and honoured to participate in this project. Thank you Robert McGrath, the Producer of the project, New Mardi Gras, the judges, fellow enthusiastic photographers and, especially, all the punters. I owe you one.

[Update 23/04/2007: A confession. This proves how trashed I was at the Award Night. I got very distracted by The Rowdy Boys at the peak moment and my name was called. With embarrassment, I didn’t even know what award I won. At Lure, I could not concentrate on the conversation. Then I posted the wrong take and mixed up the awards the day after. All are fixed now.]