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From His Majesty’s Hand

This picture did not really matter much to me until recently. First of all, I have just officially graduated a Master Degree here in Australia but decided not to attend the ceremony and it came to realisation that it would not happen to me again.

The young lad on the right is me and the other one is King Bhumiphol. I am old enough to had a chance of the lifetime to receive Bachelor Degree straight from the King of Thailand. Back then, he only performed this duty for the graduates from top two universities in Thailand—Chulalongkorn University and Thammasat University, where I obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism (Film and Photography).

That was probably the first time I wore a suit. Imagine how hot it would be in around March in Bangkok and, on top of that, we had chaotic photo sessions in the morning. When we all in the University’s main auditorium, the sweat slowly evaporated inside. Once the King arrived the hall and the chancellor reported, all graduates were called one by one. And imagine doing a repetitive actions for hours without a break.

Now, I could not find where that actual piece of paper is.

The Final COFA

Finally, I am officially graduated Master of Digital from College of fine Arts, University of New South Wales. No, I did not attend the graduation ceremony and had the Degree mailed to me. It might an honour to be in it but I actually was handed the Bachelor of Arts degree from King Bhumipol. Nothing could really top that. And it was the process of learning that really mattered, not that piece of paper.

What did I get from COFA? It was not the university life. It was the great opportunity to find myself again. After years of living in Australia and not working in a creative job, it nearly killed me. Photography was the major output but the medium was enough for me. I wanted more.

There were ideas I wanted to explore and they helped me realise them. Some were developed from the photography works and some I had in mind for a long time. And I am still very pleased with them today because I believe I did push the boundary, both mine and theirs. To create works without priceless consultants from the tutors there will be somewhat challenging. There are still projects I want explore and do it outside a university wall is definitely another game.

COFA Prize 09

COFA Annual 09 Winners

I have just seen the photo of COFA Annual 09 Awards night when I google my name. This is a good chance to congratulate others of The School of Media Arts who also won prize from the year of their hard work.

Autodesk Storm FX Award for Best 3D CGI Animation
John Turello

Autodesk Storm FX Award for Best 3D CGI Modelling
George Varettas and
Cosmin Hrincu

Adobe Award for Best Overall Production
Anthony Russell

Wacom Award for Best Motion Graphics
Toby Pedersen

Wacom People’s Choice Award
Peter Short

Computers Now Award for Best Video
Trinn (‘Pong) Suwannapha

Digital Media World Magazine Honorary Mention Prize
1. Luke Jefferz
2. Tachadol Buppapirak
3. Tom Phillipson
4. Peter Short
5. Beverley Wong
6. Paolo Sta.Barbara

Vital Peripheral Supplies Award for Best Illustrative Work
Amelia Turbiarz

There is the full winner list on COFA blog.

And I have to say the best thing of the night was free bubbly.

The Screening

The hard work in the past few months on my short film as the major project for Master of Digital Media at College of Fine Arts is done. Memory of You | Reflection of Me has been viewed on a big screen at Chauvel Cinema and to see it in the environment made me sob. There was not a big cheer, just a small pause before applause.

COFA Screening

Unlike other graduates� works, it was not a really entertaining film. Some people walked off in the screening at COFA. I could see why. It was slow and quite long. A nine-and-a-half-minute live action film about depression could hold an attention span in an uncontrollable room at COFA.


However, ultimately, I have told the story and expressed it the way I wanted and it paid off. The film was awarded Computers Now for Best Video at COFA Annual. The prize was very handy for me�a commercial licence of Final Cut Studio.

What is it going from here? Now that the course is finished, I am broke and still living on a dole. I have a casual job at Class Movies for a few weeks. This would help me to duplicate a number of DVDs for the people who helped me on this project (and pay the bills). I will look for film festivals to screen and television channels to broadcast the work. And now I am developing a new project and look for the way to get it funded. Still a long way to go.

The Final Touch

Finally, the major project for this course has come to the end with week13 presentation and I have done pretty much everything I wanted to achieve. There will be another big day on COFA Annual Screening at Chauvel Cinema. Unfortunately, the audio in the night will not be surround sound 5.1 as I would like it to be.

In fact, we had to compromise the presentation on a TV monitor since no room in COFA that is equipped for surround sound except CG15. The film was squished into 3:4 aspect ratio in the monitor and the colour was de-saturated. That was the trade off when you want to present your project in surround.

I learned a lot about surround sound design from previous semester and I applied to this project but it is different this time:

  • It is sound design with visual whereas the other one was just an audio piece.
  • I mixed in stereo first then imported the session in surround later. Every track was in mono to avoid the confusion in surround.
  • There is music involved. The composer sent split tracks to me to work on it and I find it is tricky since the original is in stereo. Hopefully he is happy the way I treated his music.

Frankly, I do not see why this film will not get selected for Chauvel night. The next challenge is to distribute it and step my foot in the industry. Finger crossed.


To summarise, I am very happy with the outcome of this project. What was a dream I had in the beginning of the year has become a short film I wanted it to be. And I hope this film will, at least, help someone realise his or her self-significance. In making it, it certainly helped me find myself again.

This project could not finish without help of all the lecturers, classmates in Master of Digital Media at COFA and everyone, cast and crew, involved in this film. Thank you everyone.

25 October 2009

PS: This post was the last one I put onto the School’s blog. I find that it is posted here on the day the film is premiered at COFA Annual 09 Screening. At the time I am writing this, it is very retrospective what it has been done in past few months and this project is very personal and introspective. The process has taught me about myself as I used it as a therapy for myself in many ways. It is still a rocky road but there is always hope.