Hanging Pants and Real Estate




Bangkok is growing rapidly like a classic tale of urbanization. In the city, new residential apartment, office buildings and shopping malls are expanding and replacing small commercial estates along the street, like these ones in my ‘hood. The building in the background is a new luxury apartment whereas small shops in the foreground are half abandoned. Just the matter of time they will be demolished. Inside the loose fence is a cleared area waiting to be developed. The fence doesn’t protect anyone to get in or, putting a real estate ads or hanging a pair of pants.

Day Three Part Two—From the Full Moon to the Rising Sun

It is quite calm on the boat ride to Full Moon Party in Haad Rin. It is the same route as I took in the morning but with the moonshine behind the cloud, reflecting the sea. It feels strange that this tranquillity will drop us off to the beats of chaos.

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I always have a mix feeling about big parties. There were times I took photos of dance parties in Sydney I was not sure I was fond of them them but got photos I really liked. They are bits and pieces of basic human nature I pick up from them.

I only work on the camera phone this time. The main challenge is to stay up all night to catch the dawn, the most photogenic scene. I have done so in a past assignment but this time with the sun rises in front of you.

I stick to a electronic music area, which is not too crowded and have some chats with other partygoers. I surprisingly enjoy myself in the party.

Day Zero—Losing the Day, Gaining the Night

Fuck, I should be on the airplane right now but instead I’m still in bed waking up with a panic. Yes, the flight is 9:50 am and I get up at 9:40 am because of the drinks last night. The shape of the first day traveling to Koh Phangan has to be re-organised. This could be a pain on the neck but give me a thrill of being impromptu. And it turns out that the day is not so bad at all.

My flight to Surat Thani has been moved to the evening but I have to be at Suvarnabhumi Airport three hours prior to the flight to sort the additional air fair fee. It actually gives me an opportunity to double-check the luggage and leisurely watch Fringe.

At the Airport, there are hours to kill so I have lunch in a restaurant, which its Masman curry is very uninspiring, and finish Fringe Season 3. I promise to myself no more videos on the trip.

Thai Smiles is a spawned domestic carrier from Thai Airways. I am not sure about their strategy as the ticket is not that cheaper than other airlines to the same destination. However, the service is still in THAI standard.

There is only bus from Surat Thani Airport to port. And from there I’ll be taking a night ferry boat straight to Koh Phangan at 11:00 pm. That gives a chance to eat, drinks, and have a chat with other tourists. They are MBA exchange students from Canada (one of them is originally from Senegal) who are heading to Koh Tao and will be in Koh Phangan for the Full Moon Party. Another one is a local traveler, who is looking for a tourism and hospitality job in Koh Tao as he wants to move away from his hometown in Chaing Rai.

The night ferryboat also carries some goods to the island. The upper deck is simply laid with mats pillows on both sides. There are a bunch of backpackers and local Myanmar workers, on board. It leaves the port from Tapi River Delta and will take about six hours to Koh Phangan.

Despite of the sound of engine roaring, there is the sense of serenity, drifting in night sea. It feels like the reflection time is about to kick off. The what-if thoughts are fading away. Even though thing did not go as original plan when I got up late, in the back of my head says it is actually fine, I am enjoying the day so far and looking forward to the journey ahead.