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Identity Crisis

Identity Crisis from ApostrophePong on Vimeo.

When I come out of State Theatre after a strange award-winning Thai film, Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives, at Sydney Film Festival, the winter light on George Street strikes my eyes and I have to response to it.

This video looks similar to one of my previous photography at Mardi Gras Harbour Party two years ago. Even though I have worked with this concept before, it is still an experiment for a number of reasons.

First of all, it is a native video, not a bunch of still images I did. The element of time adds a whole new dimension to the perception. Secondly, it is shot in horizontal orientation since it has to be on screen. Most of all, it is shot on a mobile phone which is the restriction I always embrace. However, there is the same sense of trance as I did the photography while shooting this video. I believe that sense also comes out when it is premiered at Kino Sydney.

The featuring music is “Look, Cowboy, Look!” by Damscray.

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The Shave, Finally!

I have been editing this project for quite sometime. It was a longish process in a sense of getting a time to do it but very enjoyable. Finally, we have made it and are quite happy with it.

For the first time Stilgherrian grew some beard and it was up to the point he could not stand it. When I had long hair, it was a big deal to had it cut. It is kind of once-in-the-life-time thing. He would do this again. Therefore, here is something for this special occasion, The Shave.

The Shave from ApostrophePong on Vimeo.