Tweets on 2012-10-14

  • Hah, the opening episode of Fringe final season has the Windup Girl reference #
  • Nicholas Negroponte's 1984 TED Talk: 5 predictions for the future (4 of them correct) #
  • @stilgherrian I finally found Rake to watch online. it's brilliant! #
  • @stilgherrian Still catching up series 1. Will probably finish the last two tonight. Can't wait for the second series. in reply to stilgherrian #
  • @jdub @mpesce Oh dear. Now I am picturing it. in reply to jdub #
  • WTF. True Cafe is playing Waltzing Matilda at the moment. #
  • Someone has just collapsed on the train. #
  • @stilgherrian You're right. Rake the second season is fantastic. in reply to stilgherrian #
  • @stilgherrian Just the first one. Gosh, I didn't know what Toni played what role. She's just great. in reply to stilgherrian #
  • Finally, wifi in this English pub is working. Still they don't have Coopers as they used to. Kilkenny is doing just fine for the moment #
  • First day back at work after two weeks of holiday. I'm expecting tonnes of works waiting for me. #
  • Just almost 700 emails in the inbox. #
  • Apparently, I'll be translating live tweeting for work tomorrow. Still getting my head around getting back to work today. #

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