Semester Break Update

Just to update the progress of my major project short film, Memory of You | Reflection of Me while we were having the semester break.

  1. Script revision Major change in one scene from Train Station to Laundry Room. The scene will be a dialogue responding between Betty talking on the phone and Daniel voice over.
  2. Casting The major issue was discovered in the audition. The voice is too obvious to reveal the condition of the narrator before the last shot of the film.
  3. Camera It has not been decided which camera will be used for the film. There is also a choice of using a converter to mount camera lens on Sony Z1P.
  4. Schedule Once we knew the SOMA 9500 outline and its presentation weeks, I was be able to plan and adjust the film schedule in more detail. The key production shoot was moved from week 4 to week 5 due to another commitments.

4 August 2009