Clashing Views on Skytrain

Silom View # 4498

Silom View # 4499

Bangkok’s SkyTrain or BTS has provided remarkable perspectives of the city to the commuters. My original plan was to explore the urban landscape from its stations in music slideshow presentation like when I travelled on the Express Way, a tuk tuk, foot and a boat. However, since many pictures I took from BTS stations were included in some posts on urban landscape, I decided to make it simple.

These two shots were taken 22 seconds apart at Sala Daeng Station on Silom Road, the very heart of business district. It was easy to find contrasts in a big city, no exception Bangkok.

6 February – 16 March 2008, No Place for Them

Sometime I think to myself why I am doing this. It seems crazy to take photos of junk on the streets everyday but I cannot stop seeing them organically transform. I hope one day I can get over it.

Harrington Street, Enmore


6 February 2008

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16 March 2008