Talk to the Other Side

Thais are very connected to spiritual worlds. Gods and guardians are placed everywhere to make sure that there is something to hold on and look forward to. The divine powers may grant their wishes, give them strengths or, at least, ease their minds. The people are very good at making sense of this tangible world by referring to the beyond.

There are many ways to get in touch with those in the unknown territories. Burning joss sticks seems to be a symbol of making contacts and a tool for the communication. Spots where incense are burnt and stuck indicates the spiritual significances of the areas and the relationships of the people and their lands.

Green Door and the King
Green Door and the King
A lady praying in trance in Tiger Shrine, Bangkok
A staff in Tiger Shrine preparing joss ticks and candles to worship gods
Joss sticks in the a pot on the street of Bangkok
A street vendor selling decorated joss sticks in Loy Krathong Festival
A relatively new spot where joss sticks are placed under a footpath tree
A homage to Rue Sii Pho Kru (ฤๅษีพ่อครู, spiritual master) of Petch Jing Likay Troupe (ลิเก, Thai folk theatre) before each show every night
A cigarette as a substitute for a joss stick for a spirit house on a street
Burning joss sticks for the Ganesh, resides in front of Central World Plaza
A simple recycled joss stick pot made from a milk tin
Joss sticks placed and in front of a house in Bangkok