Likay Portraits


Have a closer look at some of the likay performers on the night I visited them.

Petch Jing, the leader of the troupe, worried about sound system
Tattoo of Rue See Pho Kru (ฤๅษีพ่อครู), a god of arts, on a lilkay performer
Likay performer
Nok Krajib in school uniform while putting on her make up for the show
Nok Krajib as a karaoke dancer
One of the son in Petch Jing likay family who is yet to be trained in the art
Patch Jing s Joker
A number one fan of Petch Jing who has been watching all through the show while sniffing glue
One of Petch Jing likay trying to fix crashing computer
Concentrating in his dressing and personal portion of the theatre before the show