Paul’s Birthday

I decide to make photo essays in this blog look more presentable. WP-SimpleViewer plugin is the best answer for it tonight. It is just simple.

(Updated-July 2017: Since we have moved on and iOS doesn’t support Flash, the photos in SimpleViewer cannot be viewed on Apple mobile devices. Back then the plugin would be the choice but ten years on, it isn’t anymore. So I just simply move them by hand.)

Paul is Stilgherrian’s friend back in Adelaide, now living, working and having a relationship with his beautiful girlfriend in Bangkok. He celebrated his first birthday in Thailand at Tapas Bar, Silom Soi 4 on the first Saturday I was in Thailand. Furthermore, the current partner of Stil’s ex was also there at the party. Small world, eh? It was a great night with lots of alcohol and I ended up voluntarily being dragged to Khao Sarn Road with his mates.

Unfortunately, we do not get a chance to catch up with him again while Stil is in town. Next time!